Mafia Murders – Feb 28, 2019

When a gang of hardened mafia types flooded the OMERS building off Bay Street, they knew it was going to be a night to remember...


Vegas Vendetta – Apr 16, 2019

The gang at Celestica were ready to relax at the beautiful Westin Prince Toronto... Little did they know, the best and worst of Vegas was on it's way to shake things up!

Resort to Murder – Dec 1, 2018

Things got a little risque with our new friends at Roadata.  When I left the room to investigate the second murder of the night, I heard someone say "he is probably gonna come back in even shorter shorts". 

Hillbilly Wedding – Mar 29, 2019

Members of a private country club in Richmond may typically be used to the finer things in life, but they had no problem getting down and dirty with our cast of hillbillies to celebrate a wedding between our unlikely couple!

Mafia Murders – Apr 20, 2019

South Surrey seemed like the perfect place to host Cheryl's birthday surrounded by friends and family, but trouble is never too far away when your family is the mafia! 

Resort to Murder – Nov 24, 2018

Sergio's Journal November 24, 2018: I hope Oil City Crane's crane operators are better at crane operating than dancing...I was teaching flamenco and one of them DROPPED ME ON THE FLOOR...TWICE!

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