Vegas Vendetta – Aug 18, 2019

Vegas Vendetta - Nico chums it up with some old pals!


Vegas Vendetta – June 30, 2019

When Vegas descended on Schomberg, Ontario they had no idea what hit them!

Hillbilly Wedding – May 25 2019

The nouveau riche always want to travel in style, especially on a special occasion like the wedding of Lily Beth to city slicker, Donovan. But is the train heading for disaster or can they keep this troubled union on the tracks?!?

Mafia Murders – May 24, 2019

When you’re working in the financial industry you might run into some shady characters every now and then, but the employees at this firm surely had never encountered anyone like us before!

Hillbilly Wedding – Mar 29, 2019

Members of a private country club in Richmond may typically be used to the finer things in life, but they had no problem getting down and dirty with our cast of hillbillies to celebrate a wedding between our unlikely couple!

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