Mafia Murders – Dec 22, 2017

A restaurant in Port Moody was transported back in time to 1929...


Mafia Murders – Dec 15, 2017

“Machine Gun” Kelly’s Saloon was suppose to be a beautiful setting for the remembrance of Don and Olympia Scallopini, killed in a suspicious car bombing 5 years ago...

Mafia Murders – November 3, 2017

The weather outside was frightful, but inside it was so delightful. A rare occasion to have some of the extra characters come out to play in Mafia Murders, so Doll Face and The Hammer were added into the mix to make this to a full on turf war for the Godfathers proverbial pie.

Mafia Murders – June 1, 2017

Murder’s in the air! The whole Brundizzi clan was gathered this evening and all of the HSAA was invited. It was an unconventional evening as everyone thought it would be a nice meal and an evening out on the yacht but things got heated up pretty fast

Mafia Murders – May 3, 2017

A little party never killed nobody. Except this party. It was one to die for and some did die. But what else would you expect from a gathering of the Brundizzis that took place in the heart of Mafialand; Wainwright.

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