Mafia Murders – Feb 28, 2019

When a gang of hardened mafia types flooded the OMERS building off Bay Street, they knew it was going to be a night to remember...


Mafia Murders – Apr 20, 2019

South Surrey seemed like the perfect place to host Cheryl's birthday surrounded by friends and family, but trouble is never too far away when your family is the mafia! 

Mafia Murders – Oct 6, 2018

It was Donato's 50th birthday party but I knew we couldn't get through the night without a whole lot of truth about his family coming out.  What's his brother been up to?  Why is his niece so pushy?  And what secrets do his bodyguard, accountant and girlfriend hold?

Mafia Murders – June 23, 2018

Almost 400 tax experts from around North America were in Vancouver for a conference to figure out what's new and upcoming in their profession, but they finished off their event by going back in time for a Great Gatsby themed murder!

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