Hillbilly Wedding, Jan 6, 2018

Buck has shelled out millions for his little Lilibeth to be married to the slick Donovan, but is everything what it seems??


Hillbilly Wedding – Dec 14, 2017

I showed up to Arcadis Canada, all ready to officiate the ceremony, only to find out that there's been some foul play!

Hillbilly Wedding – Dec 2, 2017

When the fine folks of Connect Logistics RSVP’d a yes to their invitations to Lily Beth and Donovan’s wedding reception, they were probably thinkin’ it might be get a bit rowdy, but no one though it would be a night of murder!

Hillbilly Wedding – October 14, 2017

The social committee at Marcon set up an event for their staff that would surely be talked about for the rest of the year around the office! They turned a legion hall in Langley into the perfect scene for our hillbilly wedding reception!

Hillbilly Wedding – April 21, 2017

Yeehaw! A wedding like this is rare and sweet. A small tight knit group of 40, with two bdays in attendance and some tremendous hi jinx. Sometimes a group is just there to party, chicken on a leash included, and it's an honour to pilot their ship and make sure they arrive at Fun Island, for the Hillbilly Wedding!

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