Murder at Mistletoe Mall – Dec 20, 2018

Paul, can you change the safe code AGAIN, apparently every single person at Enreach Hot Tap knows it. Also….STOP SHOOTING SKATEBOARDERS! 

Murder at Mistletoe Mall – Dec 14, 2018

Tiny towns, huge laughs. The mistletoe mall employees were all vying for the employee of the year awards but the competition is killer!

Murder at the Mistletoe Mall- Nov 18, 2017

Corporate Murder Mystery in Edmonton, AB Nov 18, 2017 Sometimes holiday shopping almost kills you. And sometimes, it actually does! The kind folks from Freson Bros. were expecting to have a nice Christmas Party with the staff from the Mistletoe Mall but then as often is the case during the holidays, somebody was murdered. Luckily... Continue Reading →

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