Murder at Mistletoe Mall – Nov 29, 2019

Corporate Murder Mystery in Calgary, AB

Nov 29, 2019

The employees at Mistletoe Mall were all vying for the Employee of the Year award – but who would take the prize along with a trip for 2 to Paris, and 50K cash???

Will it be Buddy, the Christmas-Crazy Elf?  Sad Santa?  Or Rhonda, with the Food court Kiosk? Buddy’s never-ending bag of candy amused the guests all night, as did Rhonda Fonda’s Food Court Fondue Emporium tag line: “who doesn’t want to break up a shopping trip with little fondue?” But the real show stopper was when Mrs. Claus showing her, accidentally roasted an unsuspecting audience member because her hearing wasn’t working quite right!!

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to ring in the Christmas Spirit!

MAMM - The Whole Gang's here! But who will take the prize??
Interactive Murder Mysteries are so fun when your Corporate Christmas Party involves this Comedy Troupe!

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