Resort to Murder – Dec 21, 2018

It was a dark and stormy night. The blizzard outside had stopped traffic on the highway.  Nobody getting in or out…

Resort to Murder at the North Pole – Dec 20, 2018

Santa attended a party for the Rothesay Netherwood School teachers and faculty, and left adding some names to his naughty list, including an entire table who he mysteriously nicknamed “The Naughty Table”.

Resort to Murder – Dec 12, 2018

Sparkling Hill may be a beautiful resort in Vernon, but their employees were going to be treated to a special event in our unique Awakenings Spa way to reward them for all the hard work they'd done this year!

Resort to Murder – Dec 1, 2018

Things got a little risque with our new friends at Roadata.  When I left the room to investigate the second murder of the night, I heard someone say "he is probably gonna come back in even shorter shorts". 

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