Town Hall NYE Masquerade – Dec 31, 2017

As one year comes to an end, so does the life of one of the residents of Pondscum...


Resort to Murder – Dec 16, 2017

They literally help people get pregnant for a living, so a show all about sexual healing was right up their alley!

Resort to Murder in the North Pole – Dec 15, 2017

It’s lunch time. You’re downtown, high in a skyscraper, and it’s party time. Do you know where you’re murderers are?!? 


Murder at Mistletoe Mall – Dec 13, 2017

What makes a trip to the farm even better? MOYDERRRR!


Resort to Murder – Dec 9, 2017

Corporate Murder Mystery Party in Calgary, AB Dec 9th, 2017 Put over 200 employees of Transcontinental printing and their partners in one room, and there was ‘bound’ to be trouble! With an unprecedented 12 actor show of Resort to Murder at the Deerfoot Casino it was a (paper) ‘cut’ above. The investigation was on a... Continue Reading →


Resort to Murder — Dec 8th, 2017

Corporate Interactive Murder Mystery Dec 8th, 2017 Calgary, AB The nurses and staff from Alberta Health Services are used to saving lives in their daily work. But this was their night off so they just enjoyed the murdering good times. Barely anyone batted an eye when they found out their male nurse was also leading... Continue Reading →


Resort to Murder in the North Pole – Dec 2, 2017

When dealing with cardiac services from Alberta Health Services, you know they are used to dealing with life or death situations...So let’s make their party real KILLER!!!


Hillbilly Wedding – Dec 2, 2017

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!


Resort to Murder – Dec 1, 2017

When dealing with realtors its best to talk in terms they’ll relate to... we really improved the curb appeal of their year end party and made this multi family dwelling an attractive open house for quick sale... wait what?


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