Vegas Vendetta – Aug 14, 2019

Murder Mystery in Manitou Beach, SK

Aug 14, 2019

Living it up in Vegas with the fine people at the Meadow Lake Tribal Council with Melvin, Bunny, Nico & Kat!

Despite a GPS that tried to take us to Manitou Beach…. by way of a washed out road THROUGH Manitou Lake… we arrived at the lovely spa and resort for the show, alas not enough time for a soak in the Hot Springs the place was known for.  Melvin created quite a stir as the patrons of the hotel were treated to the sight of Elvis, in person, standing in the halls.  The crowd was small, but lively.  Kat grabbed some brave souls (including one guy, Alex) and put them through the paces of Showgirl dance moves.  Elvis was able to get Alex’s dignity back and bestow on him the title of Showgirl/Possible Heir to the Rock and Roll Throne when the Elvis impersonation contest came up, alongside Roblis and Delvis.

The biggest triumph was with Dorothy, our youngest attendee, who went from asking everyone ‘Are you for real?’ and hiding behind her mom, to getting up on the floor as an honorable deputy for Terry Shane as the show was reaching its peak.  [She was convinced that Elvis did it]

Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday!




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