Mafia Murders – Apr 20, 2019

Private Murder Mystery in Surrey, BC

Apr 20, 2019

South Surrey seemed like the perfect place to host Cheryl’s birthday surrounded by friends and family, but trouble is never too far away when your family is the mafia!  Surprise guests the Morgan brothers and Joe Cellona were on hand to help solve a daring double murder, (when not partaking of the amazing food of course).  Over the course of the evening our volunteer Andrew, the charismatic and tough as nails Don who we couldn’t have played better ourselves, met his match at the hands of the culprit.  But such is life and death when you’re a member of this famiglia!

Even the kids were hard at work trying to figure out whodunnit.  At the end, the mystery was solved, no appetites were lost, and a few were a bit tipsy celebrating such a unique and laugh-filled birthday.

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