Resort to Murder – Dec 21, 2018

Murder Mystery in Lacombe, AB

Dec 21, 2018

It was a dark and stormy night. The blizzard outside had stopped traffic on the highway.  Nobody getting in or out…

Suddenly a phone call…A body was found in the parking lot with a garden tool sticking out of the chest…

Who could the murderer be?  The door from the parking lot opens, blowing wind is heard…footsteps creak up the stairs…This must be the killer – who else would go out in this weather?

He calls up the stairs in a deep baritone voice “Hoe!…Hoe!…Hoe!” Is the killer threatening to deliver three more gardening implements of doom?  The room holds their breath as the murderer reaches the top of the stairs, I quickly fumble for my sidearm and point it at the intruder….Santa?


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