Vegas Vendetta – Dec 14, 2018

Corporate Murder Mystery in Glennifer Lake, AB

Dec 14, 2018

Terry Shane Journal:

I spent a solid couple weeks at the FBI X-Files division before being fired and taking a job doing casino security.  I thought that moving the Casino staff Christmas party to Glennifer Lake would be a safe bet…I was wrong.

Oh yes the staff at Glennifer lake were lovely, but they have done absolutely nothing to block Altarian alien bird people from abducting me and turning me into their puppet.  One minute I’m covered in feather boa’s dancing around like that dancer Kat Stocking, another minute I’m crooning some Elvis song like that drunk Elvis impersonator, and I have no control over any of it.

On top of it all, now there’s been a murder.  Probably the aliens did it.

Vegas Vendetta - What happens at Glennifer Lake, Stays at Glennifer Lake...
Interactive Murder Mysteries are so fun when your Corporate Christmas Party involves this Comedy Troupe!

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