Resort to Murder – Feb 5, 2018

Staff Party Murder Mystery in Banff, AB

Feb 5, 2018

Ah beautiful bountiful Banff. A lovely trek to Nourish Bistro for the staff appreciation night and a bit of pampering thanks to Awakenings Spa! 

Poor chef Pepe struggled with a nearly All Vegan Menu but it truly was delicious and he had many helpings of the Jerk Chicken. He’s choked a rooster before so this wasn’t out of his comfort zone.

Penny was in fine form, even giving oral tips on a wine bottle with enthusiastic volunteers wanting to up their sommelier game.

Sadly the party turned sour when it was discovered a guest of honour had been brutally murdered, but the merriment was quickly brought back with games and contests for who was the most debonair and sexy.

If you’re in Banff stop at Nourish and ask for the Big Dickie: a new concoction of KambuCha and beer (can’t say I’d recommend…) but certainly stay for the amazing cuisine whether you’re vegan or not. It’s that good!


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