Clue: Murder is not a Game – Jan 16, 2018

Private Murder Mystery in Calgary, AB

Jan 16, 2018

The board game and movie Clue were so fun because you could explore a mansion and find the evidence, suspects and secret passages along the way. When you HAVE a mansion, why not turn it into ‘Clue comes to life’?!?

We knew we had to try when billionaire Brett Wilson requested another show after our super successful Christmas mystery a few weeks back.

With the whole house being the board games, teams had a set time limit in each room to to scour for clues and interrogate the suspect assigned there. It got heated, and the Wilsons are going to find their possessions moved to all the wrong places from their guests looking for murder weapons and other insights into who killed Mr Boddy and why…

Hot Tip: it was NOT Colonel Mustard with the revolver in the Conservatory.

Next guess???



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