Murder at the Mistletoe Mall – Nov 25, 2017

Nov 25th, 2017

Calgary, AB

Shopping can be Murderous

The gathering for the Mistletoe Mall Annual Christmas Party was off to a Merry start as all the mall employees (along with Calgary Co-op) were enjoying a fantastic meal at Fort Calgary and singing to their own tune of the 12 Days of Christmas… 5 Shots of Tequila, 4 mimes a miming, three boxes of chocolates…But then, out of nowhere, one of the mall’s own came stumbling in and dropped down dead, but not before grabbing a brownie from the dessert table.

Mrs. Claws hardly noticed, as she had her hooks in poor Chris, Rayiz, and Gary before her botox expired, but Buddy the Elf kept everyone entertained and the mood was still upbeat.  Santa was no help, so I had to solve the whole thing, being the mall cop and all.  I drove my scooter around the crime scene and realized it was going to take more than gold, frankincense and myrrh to solve this crime.  I quickly interviewed my guests for an assistant and together we solved this crime.

Another one in the (shopping) bag for this guy.

— Terry Shane, P.I Extraordinaire


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